Red Door Church
Red Door Church Caroline Springs


Ministry environments: Shared Table, Gathered Church, Public Square.

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Under the primary symbol of the Red Door, we have established three further symbols which find expression in our ministry environments. These represent our key priorities, aid us in setting goals and strategies, and help us discern the right course from the easy or obvious one.



The Shared Table

Opening our homes in the love of Jesus

From informal gatherings to organised small groups, the local church can only truly thrive when its members gather around a shared table. This ministry environment is focussed on edifying the church through a generous and authentic concern for one another.

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The Gathered Church


Our largest and most important gathering is the Sunday worship service, during which the Word is received and the Sacraments are observed. This ministry environment is focussed on the risen and reigning Lord Jesus and his life-giving word. 

Upward Focus


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The Public Square

Engaging our world with the mercy of Jesus

As disciples sent into the world that he loves, Jesus calls us to be visible and value-adding to our community. This ministry environment is focussed on engaging with local people, as well as mercifully addressing the needs of our neighbours.

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