Red Door Church
Red Door Church Caroline Springs



Our Beliefs


The tri-unity of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit;

God’s loving creation of the universe, the creation of humanity in His image, the value of creation sustained and ruled by God, the final resurrection of all people, and the renewal of all things at Christ’s return;

The universal sinfulness of humanity since the Fall, rendering mankind subject to God’s judgement;

The conception of Jesus by the Holy Spirit and His birth by the Virgin Mary;

God’s gracious provision of redemption from the guilt, penalty and power of sin only through the sacrificial death, as our representative and substitute, of Jesus Christ, the incarnate Son of God;

The bodily resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead, His ascension, heavenly reign, return, judgement, and glory;

The church as the people of God, the body and bride of Christ, and the temple of the Holy Spirit;

The call to ministry in the church and in the world, including the ministries of word and sacrament, evangelism and church planting, pastoral care, mutual ministry, and world mission;

The necessity of the work of the Holy Spirit to make the death of Christ effective in the individual sinner, granting him or her repentance towards God, and faith in Jesus Christ;

The indwelling, work and gifts of the Holy Spirit in believers and in the church;

The divine inspiration and infallibility of Holy Scripture as originally given and its supreme authority in all matters of faith and conduct.


Sola Scriptura - Scripture alone, inspired by God, is the source of our faith and life.

Sola Gratia - Salvation is grounded in God's grace alone, not any human merit.

Sola Fide - Salvation comes through faith alone, not by any other means.

Solus Christus - Salvation is effected in Christ alone, not by any other work or saviour.

Soli Deo gloria - Salvation's purpose is for God's glory alone, not for any other end.


We affirm the Thirty-Nine Articles of Religion as foundational for authentic Anglican belief and practice and as correctives to doctrinal abuses.